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The advertising has achieved a swift growth with networked structures. Now, the Internet advertising has also reached a new high with online advertising network India. This kind of network serves the advertisers, publishers and agencies. It works due to the flow of information required by the people before they go for a buying decision. The people dabble through the web for picking out useful information. Now, this information is likely to bring a person to the relevant web pages. It is there, when Internet advertising comes in action.

Online advertising is steadily robbing the market share from traditional media advertising. Given the potential of growth and increasing Internet penetration in India, online advertising is set to explode in coming years. The 38.5 million Indian Internet users, according to an IAMAI study, have become the prime target for numerous advertisers clouding the web.

To cash in on this growth, number of online ad networks have come up in India in last few years. Here is an overview of current pool of online ad networks in India.

Publisher Networks

Tyroo is an India based online advertising network that uses proprietary targeting technology to ensure advertisers reach out to the right websites from its inventory of publishers.

Internet company Yahoo picked up at least 35% stake in Tyroo for an undisclosed amount in July 2007. Incubated by Delhi-based digital media company Smile Interactive Technologies Group, Tyroo was voted as one of the 10 most interesting startups by Business daily Mint, a part of the HT Media group.

Recently Tyroo claimed to reach 2.5 billion Ad impressions a month. According to Tyroo, its 2500 strong publisher network includes Perfspot, Facebook,, SantaBanta, Smashits, Yatra, and OneIndia. The company counts Microsoft, General Motors, Pepsi, ICICI and Yahoo amongst its advertisers.

Ozone Media

Ozone Media is another online Ad network in India. They use Accipiter’s AdManager with geo-targeting features which helps to target campaigns to different countries and audiences. Payments are done every 90days through check or direct bank. We have personally reviewed this company, its a superb company for publishers. We heard they are redesigning the site to accept online registrations.

Axill is an affiliate website, meant for promotion of products ansd services It is primarily for the UK and Indian people. One can join either as publisher, or as an adversities. This means that one can their sell the products, or can promote his own products thru it. The payment mode is either thru check or moneybookers, which is quite popular in Uk. For being registered as a publisher, one should have his own website, and it can not be a free site like freewebs, or similar free hosting and domain email like Loading time is quick as well. Overall, an impressive site, and a popular one as well.

CPM/CPC =>> Rs. 10 per 1000 Impression
CPA =>> Varies from Rs. 4 to Rs. 500 per sale.

Sulekha is another Indian ad network claiming to be India’s No.1 Ad network reaching 2 million unique visitors a month and 10% of online global Indians.Sulekha Ad Network

Sulekha Ad Network has a network of 600+ websites serving Indians and NRIs. Sulekha Ad Network influences consumer behaviour and lead to brand awareness, lead generation and online sales by leveraging the LARGEST ad network serving NRIs and Indians.

AdsforIndians also claims that it is the largest Indian Ad network and came into existence in 2004.It also claims to be the only Indian ad network, which has the advanced technology to syndicate the text ads with pictures as well as banner ads. Ads placed on AdsforIndians are published on all their participating partner sites worldwide. Ads can be geo-targeted to specific countries and ad channels to reach the targeted visitors relevant to your Advertisement.


DGM India claims to be the largest performance based affiliate ad network in the country. DGM India is a wholly owned subsidiary of Deal Group Media.

DGM India offers to its advertisers affiliate program to develop a virtual sales force using one of their turnkey affiliate marketing products, whereby advertisers promote their products via relevant and top performing affiliates /publishers.

For publishers, DGM India will optimize their online inventory, monitor and evaluate performance and provide with attractive deals from all the advertisers

Although not Indian, it is the most popular Ad network not only in India but worldwide. More than 5 publishers mentioned above claim to be the largest Ad network in India. I wonder how that can be with more than 75% market share is with Google alone !


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