How To Pay These pages give you information on how and where to make payment to TQP Hosting Network.We know how fast you want your web service. We have made arrangements for making it easy for both the ends.


1) Depositing In Our ICICI Bank Account:

a) Pay-In-Slip Challan Method:

For Our customers in India we also accept payments through ICICI Bank
Now you can drop your cheque at any branch or ATM centre near to you.
[You need not have an account with the ICICI Bank]


Just drop the cheque by filling the pay-in-slip challan available in the Bank with the following details


Details: ICICI Bank
A/C No. :
0040 0154 6671 (12 digit)
Account Name :

Branch : Madhapur
City : Hyderabad

State: Andhra Pradesh(A.P)

Find your nearest ICICI Bank branch Click here (Will open in new window)


Please inform by submitting a ticket here or mailing us at or

call us at +91-9966252223  after depositing the cheque/cash in our ICICI Bank account, with domain name and your details in mail.



b) Internet Bank Transfer through ICICI Bank:

ICICI Bank account holders Transfer payments through Internet Banking


Please submit a ticket here or email with the HOT KEY / REFERENCE NUMBER of ICICI Bank to or

call our customer care at +91-9966252223 after making any direct deposit or Internet Transfer in the ICICI Bank.


Funds sent through ICICI are at par from all cities in India and you need not pay for bank charges and is the fasted method to get your account activated.


Online Transfer from ICICI bank account to our ICICI bank account will be accepted where as Online Transfer from any other bank to our ICICI bank account will not be accepted.


2) Online Payments:


a) Paypal:


TQPHosting Network is  Verified PayPal Merchant

Our PayPal ID:

PayPal securely processes payments for TQPHosting.
You can finish paying in a few clicks.

You Can Pay Even without a Paypal Account Using Master, Visa, American Express,JCB Credit Cards.


b) Money Bookers:

You can directly send payments to our account mentioned


Our  ID:


You Can Pay Even without a Moneybookers Account Using Master, Visa, American Express,JCB Credit Cards.

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